Top 5 Wikipedia Applications to Find New Articles and Improve Your Experience

Using the free applications, explore Wikipedia Applications and find information on the world’s biggest encyclopedia.

With about 6.5 million entries in the English edition, Wikipedia Applications is the most comprehensive free site. But people only use the internet to look towards something, instead of simply browsing to discover new things. These applications provide you with new ways to explore Wikipedia and find content. 

1. Wikistroll (Web): A Random Selection Of Wikipedia Articles Sorted By Category

 An easy-to-find button in Wikipedia’s left sidebar directs you to any page on the web at random. WikiStroll enhances it by guaranteeing that the selected articles are of interest to the user.

Before creating an article on WikiStroll, pick from a variety of available categories. People, historical figures, animals, plants, and a wide range of other topics are all included here.

Alter these categories when creating new random articles because they remain on the website at all times. Our favorite component was named Everyday Life, which sends you to various pages like milk, bar, and jacket.

WikiStroll does not have any NSFW filters, thus your viewing will be as safe as it is on Wikipedia.

2. Find Major Things Around Any Day Or Time With What A Day (Web-Based)

 “On This Day” page of Wikipedia Applications highlights noteworthy events that occurred on that specific day. In addition, you’ll learn about several interesting activities and topics. As opposed to this, What A Day focuses on questions, at the same time/location, what else occurred?”

Most websites process the Wikipedia articles. It identifies events, times, and locations that are close to any given article. There are a few things to remember when searching for articles of interest. Also, you may look at the homepage, which has a list of intriguing events and dates that are posted at random.

There are two ways to locate linked wikis if you click on any article: search in time and place. It’s possible to see a little portion of the linked article in each. It’s a great method to explore the depths of Wikipedia’s encyclopedic knowledge. 

 Wikipedia, a hidden world where you may discover new and intriguing stuff by clicking on various links. Using a wheel of connected themes, Batou Explorer aims to make it a visual experience for the user.

Each pie in the wheel has six to eight items that are all connected in some way. According to the main article’s specifications, they are grouped. On the right side of the wheel, you’ll notice a list of all these connected articles, while the left side holds the group themes.

When you hover your cursor over an article, you’ll see a brief explanation of why it was included. The complete Wikipedia entry is available by using the space bar to open a pop-over layer.

On the left side of this Explorer, find an Exploration Trail that shows where you come from and how you got it. That is to say, it records your descent into the rabbit hole. 

4. Wikipedia Applications Top 100

The top 100 articles on Wikipedia’s web-based version are displayed here 

The Hat note team is behind many Wikipedia-related projects, all of which are available for free. Wikipedia Top 100 is among the coolest mini-sites, an updated ranking of the most popular articles.

Learn about what people show interest in by taking a look at this sample of Wikipedia. The number of times an item seen and the duration it’s been in the 100 best are displayed next to each one. Though if you don’t understand why the article is so popular, it’s a wonderful approach to learn something new.

You don’t have to limit yourself to today’s date. Access Wikipedia’s Top 100 archives for any day of the year. In addition, the list of 100 projects is available in a variety of languages other than English.

Check out more of Hatnote’s Wikipedia work if users like this one. Our favorite weekly email is Weekly pedia, which features the week’s most-updated articles. It’s one of Wikipedia’s greatest tools for finding new and interesting articles. 

5. See The Geotags On A World Map Using Wiki Map Wiki (Web)

Many Wikipedia articles have geotags, particularly on tourist attractions or landmarks. Wiki map gathers all together to provide a unique global map to search Wikipedia articles.

No map, satellite map, or blank atlas are all options. Maps show the geotagged articles as red triangles of various sizes. It is possible to have the geotagged articles on the map by clicking near any of the triangles. You may also go back and forth between other articles in the same section.

Searching for a keyword on Wiki map Wiki is made easy that display as the search results. After that, you can either go through them or utilize the random tool integrated into the app. Multiple searches pinned as sections on your map.

Wikipedia Applications Home Page Should Missed

 While conducting an internet search for further information, we end up on Wikipedia. How long have you been away from Wikipedia’s homepage?

Wikipedia’s homepage is updated every day to provide a few promoted articles, a featured image, and current happenings. Check out this often-overlooked part of Wikipedia Applications if you want to learn something new.