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An Ultimate Guide To Make Long Video Clips On TikTok

TikTok earns its popularity for its short videos in vertical format. Since there are more than one billion monthly active users, most brands and businesses start to invest on the TikTok platform to showcase their products or services among their target audiences. No doubt brands are serious about key metrics in any social media context, especially TikTok. 

Businesses, both small and large, focus on ways to get TikTok videos liked by a majority of their audiences that would probably take users to the final stage of the sales funnel.

So, a short clip on TikTok will not be sufficient for them to explain their products. In that case, it becomes necessary to move to a longer video for making engaging content. But how to make clips longer on TikTok? Are you eager to find a way to create longer videos on TikTok? Let’s start to know!

What Is The Usual Length Of TikTok Video?

Before finding the steps to extend the length of the TikTok video, we need to know the usual length of a TikTok video. TikTok focuses on producing content in the short vertical format. Moreover, short videos are easy to share on all other social media platforms. But, people find it challenging to share substantial content. So, the TikTok users need to create longer video clips on TikTok.

However, the basic time limit of a TikTok video is just 15 seconds, which is much shorter. In a recent update, TikTok extended its time limit to 60 seconds. With high demand, TikTok further broadened the limit to three minutes, which created more flexibility among brands on TikTok to share their content among target audiences. But, some TikTok users find that three minutes of video is also restricting. Surprisingly, TikTok again extended to make videos for 10 minutes in February 2022.

How To Make Clips Longer On TikTok?

Are you a brand and need to create longer videos with exciting content to your audiences? There are different settings and updates to lengthen your TikTok videos to increase brand awareness among target audiences. Let us see the settings to make longer video clips on TikTok.

Make Use Of Clip Length Settings

Do you want to know the steps to make longer videos on TikTok? Here is the solution to extend your video length. If your current TikTok video does not exceed three minutes, then raising your video length will be quite easy. Yes! Because the TikTok application contains a default functionality that lets users lengthen their video.

To access the video extending function, go to the settings menu and select the ‘clip length’ option on TikTok. While choosing it, you can adjust the length of your TikTok video as per your needs. When your videos are longer,  there are higher chances to grab your target audiences on TikTok resulting in a greater engagement rate. Another way to extend your video is to hold onto your TikTok video clip until the flash comes. Then, you can adjust your TikTok video accordingly. 

Check Out To Find The TikTok Updates

TikTok launched the video extension of 10 minutes in February 2022. However, it is essential to know how to adjust your video clips on TikTok based on the new update. Since this feature is new to TikTok, it is not released globally. So, it is necessary to know the TikTok updates and how to make long video clips for TikTok videos. Are you ready to find the steps to make long video clips on TikTok? Just follow the below steps:

  • Install the TikTok application on your mobile phone
  • Click on the ‘+’ button available at the bottom of your screen
  • There will be different time limits to set for your video present above the record button

Note: If you couldn’t find the option to extend the video clip for 10 minutes, then the particular video is not rolled out in your country.

When the option to make longer TikTok videos is not present, check whether your TikTok application is updated on the Play store or App store. It is because some people will not update the app even though the feature is present.

Make Use Of Slo-Mo

Do you know how to make video clips longer on TikTok? Or what are the ways available to make uploaded clips longer on TikTok? The best way to extend your TikTok video clip is to use the slow-motion feature. The name itself shows that it provides an option to play your TikTok videos in slow motion. 

But remember that, using the slow motion feature, you can extend your TikTok video only to seconds longer. Moreover, to access the slow motion feature, open up your TikTok video and hold down until the button changes to a lightning bolt icon. Once done, you can move the video from standard to slow motion speed while recording a TikTok video.

The slo-mo feature is handy to lengthen the short video clips on TikTok. However, this feature is a bit heavy processor, and you need a phone with good battery life. 

Bring TikTok Videos With Less Footage

However, it is necessary to make your TikTok clips longer to bring out an engaging video within the time limit. So, we recommend you keep only the stunning shots and remove some shots using less footage. When you delete some shots, it is crucial to add highly important footage into the video to grab more audience attention. 

While doing so, your video eliminates boring content and keeps your video more engaging. If your TikTok video is interesting, it looks long and packed with the right content on the TikTok video frame.

Avoid Using Sound

TikTok contains built-in sounds when making a video clip. But some sounds are paid to use. When using those sounds for your video, it makes your clip shorter on TikTok. The reason behind the trimming of your video is that the sounds on TikTok exist for only 15 seconds. So, it cuts your video for the same 15 seconds, thus making your TikTok video clip short. 

Moreover, just turn off the sounds on your video settings to avoid the issue. It is an easy method to find how to make clips longer on TikTok without moving on to hoops. By cutting down the TikTok sounds, you can easily make your videos from 60 minutes to 3 minutes long without cutting down the footage.

Pros Of Making Long TikTok Clips

The long videos on TikTok provide great content for your audiences with more information. If your primary content contains excellent stuff, it is necessary to create a long TikTok video clip. For instance, if your account is about science videos, education, and storytellers, people benefit only from the long videos. 

As a result, long videos provide a way to extend the flexibility and creativity on TikTok. However, a long video clip on TikTok must have engaging content to keep your audiences on your video, thus increasing the engagement rate on TikTok.