Success of Your Instagram Reels

How to Analyze the Success of Your Instagram Reels

If you’ve incorporated Instagram into your social media strategy, you’re probably already aware of how much fun it is to make Instagram Reels. Of course, you already know that Reels have a huge fan base among children and teenagers. Their average engagement rate of 1.95% is significantly higher than that of all other Instagram post formats.

Reels Insights for Instagram appeared in May 2021 after the debut of Instagram Reels in 2020. They are a part of the Instagram Analytics system as a whole. Reels Insights expands the information previously available beyond comments, likes, and a view count to include saves, shares, account reach, and the amount of plays.

The Instagram Reels Insights feature provides data on how well your Reels are doing. So how will you put this data to use? What factors into the calculation of the engagement rate? Moreover, what steps can you do to enhance things if participation rates are lower than desired? Here, you’ll find out.

Good reasons to monitor the success of your Instagram highlight reels

Instagram Reels may just be 90 seconds long, but a lot of work goes into making them. You’ll need to be creative with your concept and pick out great music and sound effects. How can you know whether your efforts are paying off? Through keeping an eye on hard data regarding performance.

While attempting to decipher the actions of a target audience

With Insights, you may gather and examine more information on your Reels’ performance. Each Reels’ reach and interaction may be analyzed to determine their relative success.

You may evaluate your Instagram Reels in relation to one another and to the various content types you use. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to better your Reels material. Because of Iconosquare’s ability to track your rivals’ social media activity (Posts and Reels), you can gauge their market share and tailor your own approach accordingly.

That we may get insight into places where we may make changes

Furthermore, insights provide information about your audience and their behavior. Specifically, do they like tutorials, demonstrations of your product, or comedies more? When people finish watching your Reels, what do they do? If they like what they see, do they explore your other Instagram posts?

Use statistics to learn when your Reels are most popular, as well as which filters, effects, music tracks, and calls to action are most well received. Creating engaging posts can strengthen your connections with your audience, which in turn may lead to more purchases.

Seeking Patterns

Analyzing the data might reveal whether or not your Players are behaving predictably. Any resemblance amongst your most successful Reels in terms of length or music? Does your website receive the most traffic at the same time every day, if there is a peak viewing period?

For effective promotion, it is also crucial to know how your Reels fit into your overall Instagram strategy. The marketing agency proposal form may be supplemented with your results if you are generating Presentations on behalf of clients.

To identify unrealized potential

Insights might also reveal untapped prospects. To wit: if you see that your rivals who are also seeing success are providing content of a specific type, you may try your hand at something similar. Another scenario is that you analyze your audience and find that a specific subset of people isn’t interested in your Product.

Analysis of Instagram statistics for creative purposes

Let’s quickly review how to get to your Insights before diving into the data. Only the Instagram app and Iconosquare support the functionality at this time. You’ll need a Business or Creator account to get in. But, you need not fear, as it is completely free to switch from a Personal to a Professional account.

If you want to know how well a certain Reel is doing, you may either see that Reel by tapping on it and then tapping the three dots symbol in the lower right corner, or you can sign into your iconosquare account and navigate to the Metric area . Instead, you could check out If you wish to view the analytics for a certain Reel, you may do so from the Reels section of your Instagram profile. Your account’s Insights section also provides a high-level look.

You may browse the analytics in two different ways, based on their respective purposes: Insights and Interactions.

Revelations on the reel

A post’s Insights can be compared to its Reach and Impressions.


Number of different Instagram accounts that have seen your Reel at least once, regardless of whether or not the video was actually watched. Although the same accounts may see your reel more than once, this does not contribute against your total reach. Included in this number are both profile views and those you’ve racked up through the “Home” feed or a search. If it’s much greater than the views you typically get, it may mean your Reel has gone viral.

You may check out the ratio of followers to non-followers, as well as how this piece of material performs in comparison to others. Information such as your Instagram reach, impressions, and profile views will also be provided.


The amount of times your Reel has been used will be displayed here. Video views are tallied either when a user initiates playback or when the player loads automatically. Is it considered a view if I watch the same reel again? Maybe more than the total number of accounts, as some people may see your Video many times.

Keep in mind that you can get into Deeper statistics using Iconosquare in addition to monitoring the stats from Instagram Analytics.

Synergies on the reel

Insights is where you can track how many people are interacting with your content. You will observe not just a total number of interactions but also a breakdown by kind. Calculating your participation rate in this way is possible. Divide your total number of interactions by the number of your followers, and then multiply that result by 100.

The measurements themselves are very intuitive:


Number of Reel likes are displayed here. Whilst it doesn’t reveal whether or not a viewer viewed the full video, it’s still a decent measure of audience sentiment.


You can view the total number of commenters right here. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to simply count the number of comments in order to gauge the Reels’ success; instead, you should go through them in order to gain a deeper understanding of the opinions of your intended audience. Maybe you’ll even get inspired for new articles.


As a digital marketer, one of the main goals is to increase the visibility of your content. One way to do this is by leveraging user engagement, such as Reels Likes on Instagram. However, an often-overlooked aspect is how often a user has chosen to tell a friend about your video. This type of organic promotion can lead to exponential growth in your audience and ultimately, your brand’s presence online. Therefore, it’s crucial to create compelling content that not only improves your reels  ikes but also encourages users to share it with their network. By doing so, you can maximize the impact of your digital marketing efforts and achieve long-term success.


Find out how many people have downloaded your videos for later viewing.

Don’t forget to check out the Recent Highlights section of your account, which details any recent improvements in performance. Any period of time within the last 90 days is available for selection. The part entitled “Overview Analytics” provides information about your campaign’s reach, engagement, total followers, and estimated profits throughout the time period you specify.