Clash Of Clans

A Complete Guide To Finding An Account In Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is a highly well-known game in the gaming community, so you probably already know about it. When it comes to capturing the interest of players, this game is up there with the best of them. You, as a Flash Clans player, need never be without an active account. This article will examine the Clash of Clans account finder and explain how to get into your account.

For different reasons, Clash of Clans users can lose access to their account or their email. In this situation, there are many options for gathering the required data. One of these options involves getting in touch with the service staff. A second option is to send them an email.

Account Search Guide for Clash of Clans

Email may be the most incredible way to track down and reclaim a lost account. But if you don’t have an email address or if you haven’t linked your Gmail account to your Clash of Clans account for whatever reason, you should use the following as a Clash of Clans account finder:

Clash of Clans should be started first. Now, at the very bottom of the screen, on the right, you’ll see a gear symbol. It is the program’s settings menu. A window for adjusting the app’s settings has opened. Pick Get Some Help Here, then choose the Lost My Village link.

Please enter your Clash of Clans username in the first field. Put your family name down there too. The second box is where you’ll provide information about the lost Clash of Clans account and the village. Even if you remember the last digit of the village tag that begins with #, it won’t help you.

Enter the Town Hall level number of your missing village in the following field. In the next text box, please enter the village’s missing level. Also, please elaborate on what happened to cause the loss of your Clash of Clans account.

To proceed, please type in the name of the town where you are now staying. In the final field, please type in your email address. Next, hit the “Submit” button and wait for a response from the company’s support staff. As a means of locating Clash of Clans accounts, this is the most convenient and effective method.

During the following day or two, the Clash of the Clans support team will contact you through the account you provided, asking a few questions that you should answer thoroughly. If you can convince the Supercell support service with your answers that the version is yours, they’ll unlock it for you. If this happens, your account will be returned to you after being checked to ensure its safety.

How to obtain more Clash of Clans accounts

Free Clash of Clans statements may be obtained in a variety of methods. Clash of Clans Account Generator will help you if you’re starting. Clash of Clans Mod apk is downloadable, containing free game accounts and passwords. One more best method is, you can buy Clash of Clans Account from game2kart, they provide the best COC accounts on the internet. By this way, you can quickly reach more levels and speed up the gaming process. 

 Pro Tips

The previous Clash of Clans accounts locater may be accessed in this fashion. Knowing your player’s name and even its tag is required.

Clash of Clans feedback may be sent to [email protected]; however, if you can’t get into the game, you should contact the game’s support team immediately.

And inquire as to where I may locate my Clash of Clans account. Don’t worry; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with instructions on finding and reclaiming your lost performance.

Email address locator for Clash of Clans accounts

Go to your email accounts if you can’t recall which one you used to sign up for Clash of Clans. You may locate Supercell ID messages by searching all of them. It’s clear which email address you should use now.

However, if you know your username and password but can’t remember which email address you used, you may still access Clash of Clans. Proceed to the configurations menu. A Supercell ID can be chosen if you so like. The email address you used to register for the contest will now be displayed.

Finding The Past

To find your account recovery procedure. Your account will be recovered in stages, and at each stage, the Supercell support team may have questions for you. Your account’s security is our first concern. The age of the Clash of Clans version is one of the game’s most commonly questioned details.

The Play Games app is where you should start looking for your Clash of Clans account information. To access additional tools, select the ellipsis () in the upper left corner. To continue, go to the MY GAMES tab and then pick Clash of Clans. The list of your in-game accomplishments will load in a new tab/window. Locate the Larger Vaults. The current date has been added to the lower right corner of your screen. Your Clash of Clans game and account history begins on this day. The question of verifying one’s Clash of Clans account might then be answered.


Clash of clans is one of the best strategy games. The primary object of this game is increasing buildings and increasing your village count. If you are clear about this game, you can successfully complete all the levels with more trophies and gems. You can follow these guides to find the best COC account and win all the clan wars.